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Top 5 jewellery gifts for women this Valentines day

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  1)Round Silver & Turquoise Enamel Flower Locket

There aren't many ladies that can resist the allure of a locket, somewhere they can keep there most treasured photos of their loved ones and this locket is no exception.
We just love this silver locket, its not too big and in your face and has a very delicate design which just oozes femininity with its beautifully enamelled turquoise finish. A very unique piece which steers away from the traditional heart shape of many lockets.

2) Silver Filigree Heart Orb Pendant

Heart jewellery can be a point of some contention, you either love it or you hate it, that's why we think this piece is the perfect compromise. With its beautiful spherical shape made up of beautiful filigree hearts, this really is an eye catching piece of jewellery. Why no consider buying the matching earrings and earn some extra brownie points. Silver Filigree Heart Orb Drop Earrings


3) Sterling Silver Twist Cuff Bangle

There's something implicitly beautiful and elegant about this bangle with its natural curves and polished finish. Its a substantial piece that gives a real feel of quality and  luxury without the exorbitant price tag. This one is sure to be a hit with the ladies.

4) Freshwater Pearl Handmade Silver Heart Necklace

It simply wouldn't be valentines day with out including a piece of heart jewellery. This fabulous necklace also has the added advantage of being handmade, so you can give it secure in the knowledge that no one will ever have on that is exactly identical. If you feeling really cheesy you can tell her you picked it because it unique just like her!

5) Kit Heath Solid Silver Swirl Pendant Necklace

The elegant necklace is sure to be a big hit, most ladies like to wear big brand names, you can just hear them saying to their friends do you like my necklace its a Kit Heath you know must of cost a fortune, never mind I'm worth it.

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