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Finding you ring size can be notoriously difficult with many factors to take into consideration and if you’re trying to buy a ring as a surprise for someone else this can add another level of difficulty to the problem, here some tips for finding your ring size to make the task a little easier as well as an easy to follow ring size chart.

Factors to consider

How wide is the ring?
The width of the ring you intend to wear will have an affect the size of the ring you require, this is because the wider the ring is the more difficult it becomes to go over the knuckle, as a general rule if the ring is 7mm or wider you will need one size larger and if the ring is 10mm or wider you may need as much as two sizes bigger.

Does the ring have a comfort fit?
A comfort fit (a ring which is curved on the inside) can have some bearing on your ring size, with many people finding they can wear a size smaller because the ring is designed not to pinch or dig into your finger.

The time of day.
Your ring size can vary throughout the course of a day, for a more accurate result its best to measure your ring size first thing and the morning and last thing at night and take an average of the two.

Extremes of temperature can also affect your ring size, so its best to avoid measuring your ring size when you are either too hot or too cold.

The Shape of your finger.
We all come in different shapes and size and our hands are no exception, the shape of your fingers can have an impact of how you measure your ring size.
The shape of our fingers can affect our ring size

The straight finger.
Probably the easiest type of finger to measure, with no special considerations.

The tapered/pointed finger.
Its important when measuring this type of finger to ensure a snug fit, because the finger gets gradually narrower as it goes to the nail if the ring is too loose it will simply slide off.

The Big Knuckled finger.
The are pros and cons to having this type of finger, on the plus side once you have managed to get the ring past the knuckle it is unlikely to fall off, on the down side getting it over the knuckle in the first place can be somewhat of a challenge. When measuring this type of finger its advisable to take two measurements, one round the knuckle and one where you want the ring to sit on your finger and pick the size in the middle of the two measurements.

Measuring your Ring Size.

1. Cut a strip of paper approximately 6mm / ¼ inch wide (no wider).
2. Wrap the paper snugly around your finger (no so tight it digs into your finger)
3. Ensure that the paper slips comfortable over the knuckle of the finger with ease.
4.Mark the strip of paper where  the end meets.
5. Measure the marked length of paper in mm and compare it to convertor below to find your ring Size.

This should give you a good indication of your ring size.

All of our rings are sold in UK whole sizes, to order the right size please choose the nearest whole number to your measurement in mm and then find the corresponding letter (UK Size)

Please note this convertor is intended as a guide only and may not indicate your exact size for a more accurate result you should have your finger measured at a jewellers or order our FREE ring sizer.
If you intend to have your finger measured at a jewellers show some interest in the rings they are selling. (even if you intend to order online) You are much more likely to get an accurate measurement if the jeweller believes they are going to make a sale.

Circumference in Millimetres UK Size European Size USA Size

Ring Size Chart.

Uk Ring Size Guide


Tips for finding someone's ring size in secret.

You've decided to buy a ring for someone and you want it to be a surprise, so how do you find out there ring size without arousing suspicion and the inevitable questions that follow. Why are you so interested in my ring size all of a sudden? What are you up to? You're planning on buying me a ring aren't you?

Here's a few tips that my help.

If you're trying to find out a women's ring size the easiest way is to enlist the help of someone else, most women will have a close friend, mother, sister etc that they do and talk about everything with. This person can become your closest ally when trying to find out a women's ring size, especially if they think they're being let in on a big secret.
Ask this person to invite  the women in question on a shopping trip, whilst shopping get them to nip into the jewellers, on the pretence they want to buy themselves a ring or get there existing ring resized etc, whilst in the jewellers it is normally relatively easy to convince someone they should get there finger measured as well.
Bingo you've found her ring size and she's none the wiser.

Finding out a mans ring size can be somewhat harder as the shopping trip option rarely works with men. Probably the easiest way to find a mans ring size is to order our ring sizer (its free) and simply leave it lying around some where he will find it (preferably when your there) If you get questioned about why its there simply tell a little white  lie and say you had a friend over and they left it here by mistake.
Most men like to see how things work and wont be able to resist picking up the ring sizer to investigate and test it out. Giving you the perfect opportunity to find his ring size.


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